Pitch Types Key
FA Fastball
FF 4-seam Fastball
FT 2-seam Fastball
FC Cut Fastball
FS Split-finger Fastball
FO Forkball
SI Sinker
SL Slider
CU Curveball
KC Knuckle Curve
EP Ephuus
CH Change-up
SC Screwball
KN Knuckleball
UN Unknown
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First and foremost, this page is only possible because Major League Baseball makes this data freely available to the public at the following URL: http://gd2.mlb.com/components/game/mlb/. Without this data, none of this would have been possible.

The groundwork for compiling all of this data was laid by Joseph Adler in his book Baseball Hacks (link at left). Several others before me built upon the work of Mr. Adler. The most instrumental among them was Mike Fast.

With the information and scripts made publicly available by both Mr. Adler and Mr. Fast, I was able to throw in a few tweaks and new scripts to develop what you see now.

Along the way, I've picked the brains of a few people to iron out some of the finer details. Harry Pavlidis's work at Beyond the Box Score and Cubs f/x as well as Dan Brooks's work at BrooksBaseball.net have also influenced the development of this project whether they know it or not.

To each of you, thanks.