Pitch Types Key
FA Fastball
FF 4-seam Fastball
FT 2-seam Fastball
FC Cut Fastball
FS Split-finger Fastball
FO Forkball
SI Sinker
SL Slider
CU Curveball
KC Knuckle Curve
EP Ephuus
CH Change-up
SC Screwball
KN Knuckleball
UN Unknown

Felix Doubront, LHP, Chicago Cubs

Batters: Count: Pitch Type: Date Range:
Type Count Selection Velocity Vertical Horizontal Spin Angle Spin Rate
CU 34 100.0% 74.1 -8.29 -1.98 347 1,355
Type Count Selection Strike Swing Whiff Foul In Play
CU 34 100.0% 52.9% 32.4% 5.9% 8.8% 17.6%
Player Team Position At-bats  
David Adams New York Yankees 3B 3  
Jose Altuve Houston Astros 2B 4  
Elvis Andrus Texas Rangers SS 3  
Oswaldo Arcia Minnesota Twins LF 3  
J.P. Arencibia Texas Rangers 1B 3  
Mike Aviles Cleveland Indians SS 4  
Erick Aybar Los Angeles Angels SS 3  
Jeff Baker Miami Marlins 2B 2  
Brandon Barnes Colorado Rockies RF 4  
Adrian Beltre Texas Rangers 3B 3  
Lance Berkman Texas Rangers D 3  
Emilio Bonifacio Chicago White Sox 2B 3  
Michael Bourn Cleveland Indians CF 3  
Michael Brantley Cleveland Indians LF 5  
Asdrubal Cabrera Tampa Bay Rays SS 6  
Melky Cabrera Chicago White Sox LF 3  
Alberto Callaspo Atlanta Braves 3B 3  
Robinson Cano Seattle Mariners 2B 3  
Jamey Carroll Kansas City Royals 2B 3  
Chris Carter Houston Astros 1B 3  
Ronny Cedeno Philadelphia Phillies SS 3  
Lonnie Chisenhall Cleveland Indians 3B 2  
Carlos Corporan Texas Rangers C 3  
Coco Crisp Oakland Athletics LF 4  
Nelson Cruz Seattle Mariners RF 2  
Rajai Davis Detroit Tigers CF 2  
Alejandro De Aza Baltimore Orioles LF 3  
Mark DeRosa Toronto Blue Jays 3B 2  
Matt Dominguez Houston Astros 3B 3  
Josh Donaldson Toronto Blue Jays 3B 3  
Ryan Doumit Atlanta Braves C 4  
Adam Dunn Oakland Athletics 1B 3  
Edwin Encarnacion Toronto Blue Jays 1B 3  
Yunel Escobar Washington Nationals 3B 3  
Pedro Florimon Jr. Washington Nationals SS 3  
Tyler Flowers Chicago White Sox C 2  
Nathan Freiman Oakland Athletics 1B 3  
Brett Gardner New York Yankees LF 3  
Craig Gentry Oakland Athletics LF 2  
Marwin Gonzalez Houston Astros SS 3  
Tyler Greene Chicago White Sox SS 2  
Robbie Grossman Houston Astros LF 3  
Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers LF 3  
Aaron Hicks Minnesota Twins CF 3  
Chris Iannetta Los Angeles Angels C 3  
Maicer Izturis Toronto Blue Jays 2B 2  
Desmond Jennings Tampa Bay Rays LF 3  
Howard Kendrick Los Angeles Dodgers 2B 3  
Jeff Keppinger Chicago White Sox 2B 2  
Ian Kinsler Detroit Tigers 2B 3  
Jason Kipnis Cleveland Indians 2B 3  
Paul Konerko Chicago White Sox 1B 3  
Brandon Laird Houston Astros 1B 3  
Jose Lobaton Washington Nationals C 2  
James Loney Tampa Bay Rays 1B 3  
Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays 3B 3  
Jed Lowrie Houston Astros SS 3  
Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins 1B 3  
Mitch Moreland Texas Rangers 1B 2  
Justin Morneau Colorado Rockies 1B 3  
Brandon Moss Cleveland Indians RF 3  
Jayson Nix Kansas City Royals 2B 3  
Derek Norris San Diego Padres C 3  
Andy Parrino Oakland Athletics SS 3  
A.J. Pierzynski Atlanta Braves C 2  
Trevor Plouffe Minnesota Twins 3B 3  
Albert Pujols Los Angeles Angels 1B 3  
Ryan Raburn Cleveland Indians D 2  
Alexei Ramirez Chicago White Sox SS 3  
Colby Rasmus Houston Astros LF 2  
Josh Reddick Oakland Athletics RF 3  
Jose Reyes Toronto Blue Jays SS 3  
Mark Reynolds St. Louis Cardinals 1B 6  
Alex Rios Kansas City Royals RF 3  
Ryan Roberts Boston Red Sox 3B 2  
Sean Rodriguez Pittsburgh Pirates 2B 2  
Carlos Santana Cleveland Indians 1B 6  
Luke Scott Tampa Bay Rays D 3  
J.B. Shuck Chicago White Sox LF 2  
Chris Stewart Pittsburgh Pirates C 2  
Drew Stubbs Colorado Rockies CF 5  
Ichiro Suzuki Miami Marlins LF 3  
Nick Swisher Cleveland Indians 1B 6  
Mark Teixeira New York Yankees 1B 3  
Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels CF 3  
Mark Trumbo Arizona Diamondbacks RF 3  
Dayan Viciedo Chicago White Sox RF 2  
Vernon Wells New York Yankees LF 3  
Josh Willingham Kansas City Royals LF 3  
Kevin Youkilis New York Yankees 3B 3  
Chris Young New York Yankees RF 3  
Ben Zobrist Oakland Athletics 2B 3  

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At-bat Results

Pop Out3.97%
Grounded Into DP2.17%
Sac Fly2.17%
Home Run1.81%
Field Error0.72%
Batter Interference0.36%
Double Play0.36%
Hit By Pitch0.36%
Fielders Choice0.36%

Game Log

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4/5/2013BOS 6 @ TOR 4
4/16/2013BOS 7 @ CLE 2
4/22/2013OAK 6 @ BOS 9
4/27/2013HOU 4 @ BOS 8
5/3/2013BOS 0 @ TEX 7
5/8/2013MIN 15 @ BOS 8
5/16/2013BOS 4 @ TBA 3
5/21/2013BOS 1 @ CHA 3
5/26/2013CLE 5 @ BOS 6
6/1/2013BOS 11 @ NYA 1
6/8/2013ANA 9 @ BOS 5