Pitch Types Key
FA Fastball
FF 4-seam Fastball
FT 2-seam Fastball
FC Cut Fastball
FS Split-finger Fastball
FO Forkball
SI Sinker
SL Slider
CU Curveball
KC Knuckle Curve
EP Ephuus
CH Change-up
SC Screwball
KN Knuckleball
UN Unknown

Alex Cobb, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays

Batters: Count: Pitch Type: Date Range:
Type Count Selection Velocity Vertical Horizontal Spin Angle Spin Rate
CU 71 100.0% 77.0 -8.30 6.01 35 1,692
Type Count Selection Strike Swing Whiff Foul In Play
CU 71 100.0% 49.3% 21.1% 0.0% 8.5% 12.7%
Player Team Position At-bats  
Bobby Abreu New York Mets RF 6  
Dustin Ackley New York Yankees LF 3  
Alex Avila Detroit Tigers C 3  
Mike Aviles Cleveland Indians SS 3  
Erick Aybar Los Angeles Angels SS 6  
Josh Bard Seattle Mariners C 3  
Adrian Beltre Texas Rangers 3B 3  
Andres Blanco Philadelphia Phillies 2B 4  
Brennan Boesch Cincinnati Reds RF 3  
Emilio Bonifacio Chicago White Sox 2B 3  
Peter Bourjos St. Louis Cardinals CF 2  
Russell Branyan Arizona Diamondbacks 1B 2  
John Buck Los Angeles Angels C 2  
Billy Butler Oakland Athletics D 3  
Melky Cabrera Chicago White Sox LF 3  
Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers 1B 3  
Alberto Callaspo Los Angeles Dodgers 3B 5  
Robinson Cano Seattle Mariners 2B 3  
Mike Carp Texas Rangers 1B 3  
Endy Chavez Seattle Mariners RF 3  
Hank Conger Houston Astros C 4  
Coco Crisp Oakland Athletics LF 3  
Nelson Cruz Seattle Mariners RF 3  
David DeJesus Los Angeles Angels LF 3  
Greg Dobbs Washington Nationals 1B 3  
Chone Figgins Los Angeles Dodgers 3B 2  
Brett Gardner New York Yankees LF 2  
Chris Getz Toronto Blue Jays 2B 2  
Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals LF 3  
Curtis Granderson New York Mets RF 3  
Franklin Gutierrez Seattle Mariners LF 3  
Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers LF 3  
Eric Hosmer Kansas City Royals 1B 3  
Torii Hunter Minnesota Twins RF 5  
Omar Infante Kansas City Royals 2B 2  
Austin Jackson Chicago Cubs CF 4  
Derek Jeter New York Yankees SS 3  
Don Kelly Miami Marlins 3B 3  
Howard Kendrick Los Angeles Dodgers 2B 5  
Ian Kinsler Detroit Tigers 2B 4  
Jose Lopez Chicago White Sox 2B 2  
Mitch Maier Kansas City Royals CF 3  
Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays C 3  
Victor Martinez Detroit Tigers D 3  
Hideki Matsui Tampa Bay Rays D 3  
Mitch Moreland Texas Rangers 1B 3  
Logan Morrison Seattle Mariners 1B 3  
Mike Moustakas Kansas City Royals 3B 3  
Mike Napoli Texas Rangers 1B 3  
Eduardo Nunez Minnesota Twins SS 2  
Magglio Ordonez Detroit Tigers RF 3  
Cliff Pennington Toronto Blue Jays SS 2  
Jhonny Peralta St. Louis Cardinals SS 3  
Jorge Posada New York Yankees D 3  
Ryan Raburn Cleveland Indians LF 3  
Hanley Ramirez Boston Red Sox LF 3  
Adam Rosales Texas Rangers 2B 2  
Brendan Ryan New York Yankees 3B 3  
Gaby Sanchez Pittsburgh Pirates 1B 3  
Scott Sizemore New York Yankees 2B 2  
Justin Smoak Toronto Blue Jays 1B 3  
Ichiro Suzuki Miami Marlins LF 3  
Kurt Suzuki Minnesota Twins C 2  
Nick Swisher Atlanta Braves LF 3  
Mark Teixeira New York Yankees 1B 3  
Matt Treanor Los Angeles Dodgers C 2  
Mark Trumbo Seattle Mariners RF 5  
Jemile Weeks Boston Red Sox 2B 3  
Vernon Wells New York Yankees LF 5  
Josh Willingham Kansas City Royals LF 3  
Jack Wilson Atlanta Braves SS 2  
Dewayne Wise Chicago White Sox CF 3  
Michael Young Los Angeles Dodgers 3B 3  

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At-bat Results

Pop Out5.36%
Grounded Into DP2.68%
Field Error1.79%
Home Run1.34%
Sac Fly0.45%
Intent Walk0.45%
Fielders Choice0.45%
Double Play0.45%
Hit By Pitch0.45%

Game Log

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5/1/2011ANA 6 @ TBA 5
5/31/2011TEX 4 @ TBA 5
6/7/2011TBA 4 @ ANA 1
6/13/2011TBA 1 @ DET 2
6/18/2011FLO 4 @ TBA 7
7/18/2011NYA 5 @ TBA 4
7/24/2011TBA 5 @ KCA 0
7/30/2011TBA 2 @ SEA 3
8/6/2011OAK 8 @ TBA 0